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3e JAAR KURSUSSE / 3rd YEAR COURSES (60 Credits)

Code Name of Course Credits
BG301 Biblical World View 4
BG302 The Tabernacle of Moses 4
BG303 The Armor Bearer 4
BG304 Methods of Multiplication 4
BG305 The Five-Fold Ministry 4
BG306 The Five-Fold anointing 4
BG307 Know What You Believe 4
BG308 World Religions 4
BP404 The Prophetic Anointing 4
BM404 Power Principles 4
BC401 Counseling 4
BC402 Christian Psychology 4
BC403 Building Healthy Families 4
BC404 Substance Abuse 4
BC405 Overcoming Crisis 4

Minimum of 15 Courses

60 Credits

Attendance of 4 day Seminar in Germiston mandatory

Subjects may change or swapped without notice.

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