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Dr Frans Nortje
Dr Sariet Nortje
Daleen Hepburn


History of Founders

Dr's Frans & Sariet Nortje

Drs. Frans and Sariet Nortje are involved in counseling for over 20 years. They are married for 33 years and have two Son's and two Grand daughters. They obtained several counselling qualifications  and acquired an international Bachellor degree in counselling . Dr. Frans holds a Masters degree in counselling (M. Coun). Drs. Frans and Sariet earned a Honorary Doctorate (D.Div)  for the pioneering work in developing new counseling approaches in the counseling field and  the introduction of Deep Emotional Therapy (DET), the establishment of TCN's counseling practice and training facility as well as the compilation of 25+ complete manuals for training purposes.

Activities involved

Today they are in full-time ministry where they do counseling, courses and seminars as well as workshops. They are ordained as Pastors  by CFM (A registered denomination in South Africa). Drs. Frans and Sariet are registered marriage officers. They have a counselling practice and counsellor network, viz. Turningpoint Counselling Network (TCN) was established and registered with the Directorate of Non-profit organizations. Reg. number from 022 to 517-NPO. TCN is managed by Board members with Dr. Frans the Chief Executive and Dr. Sariet the Registrar. There are currently qualified fulltime and part-time counsellors in the network and they are ready to address the emotional distress of the needy .


Their vision is to establish KBN/TCN Counselling offices and a Counselling University in South Africa and Namibia to educate the called and serve those in need for professional pastoral counselling at Turningpoint Counsellors. The Network will serve to heal the broken hearted and set the captives free according Luke 4:18-19, in Christ, the healer. All Christian populations worldwide will benifit with this new revolutionary counselling and deliverance approach.

Dependency Declaration

Jesus, it is our privilege to be Your hands, feet and mouth on earth, we subject ourselves to You. Your children, frans and sariet nortje. In the service of the King!

Geskiedenis van Stigters

Drs. Frans en Sariet Nortje is betrokke by berading vir meer as 20 jaar. Hulle is 33 jaar getroud  en het twee seuns en twee kleindogters. Hulle het verskeie beradings-kwalifikasies verwerf, onder andere n internasionale B. graad  in berading. Dr. Frans het n Meesters graad in berading verwerf (M.Coun). Drs. Frans en Sariet het afsonderlik 'n Ere Doktorsgraad (D.Div)  verwerf vir die baanbrekerswerk wat hulle in die Christelike beradingsveld gedoen het en vir die voorstelling van 'n nuwe beradingsbenadering (Diep Emosionele Terapie) asook die stigting van KBN se beradingpraktyk en opleidingfasiliteit en vir die samestelling van 25+ volledige handleidings vir opleidingsdoeleindes.

Aktiwiteite betrokke

Tans staan hulle voltyds in die bediening waar hulle berading doen, kursusse en seminare sowel as werkswinkels aanbied. Hulle is as Pastors georden deur CFM (n Geregistreerde Kerkgenootskap in Suid Afrika) Drs. Frans en Sariet is geregistreerde huweliksbevestigers. Hulle het ʼn Beradingspraktyk en beraders-netwerk, nl. Keerpunt Bediening Netwerk, op die been gebring en geregistreer by die Direktoraat Nie-winsgewende organisasies. Reg. nommer 022-517-NPO. KBN word bestuur deur Direksielede met Dr. Frans as Uitvoerende Hoof en Dr. Sariet as Registrateur. Daar is tans gekwalifiseerde voltydse sowel as deeltydse beraders in die netwerk en hulle staan gereed om die emosionele nood van behoeftiges aan te spreek.


Hulle toekomsvisie is om  KBN Beradinkantore en 'n Berading-Universiteit in Suid Afrika en Namibië te kan oprig sodat behoeftiges in elke deel van ons land by Keerpunt Beraders kan aanklop vir hulp en bystand. Die Netwerk sal dien om gebrokenes in vryheid weg te stuur en om kursusse, seminare en werkswinkels landwyd aan te bied. Die res van die wereldpopulasies word geteiken om hierdie nuwe beradingsbenadering toe te pas en, volg Luk 4:18-19, die gevangenes vry te laat en die gebrokenes van hart te genees in Jesus die geneesheer.

Afhanklikheid Deklarasie

Jesus, dit is vir ons n voorreg om U hande, voete en mond te wees op aarde, ons onderwerp onsself aan U. U kinders, frans en sariet nortje. In diens van die KONING!


Turningpoint Counselling Network (TCN) makes a difference in the lives of people through the D.E.T. counselling approach.

Turningpoint Counselling Network (TCN) was established in January 1998 by Frans and Sariet Nortje. They have been doing counselling for about 16 years and experienced that their waiting list became progressively longer. As people experience healing through their unique ministry of Deep Emotional Therapy (DET), and told others about it, more people seeked help and eventualy people had to be deferred.

Therefore they started to provide training to people who were willing to set their time apart for ministering to others who needed help. Practical Pastoral DET counselling training is presented regularly through class attendance and correspondence to equip potential counsellors to effectively enforce the DET principals and thus to join the network as counsellors where after counselees can be referred to them for DET and deliverance.

We experienced a lot of people who were emotionally affected by the events of circumstances, that a network of counsellors was brought to life out of necessity to minister in different geographical areas, so that people dont have to travel long distances to see a counsellor.  Currently there are a number of TCN counsellors and students in the network and it is still growing.

TCN was established as a non-profitable Christian based organisation focussing on Luke 4:18, where Jesus proclaimed: The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because He hath anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor; He hath sent Me to heal the broken-hearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, To preach the acceptable year of the Lord.

The organisation has disposal of an HIV/AIDS test facility where people can go to anonymously for blood tests and pre- and post- HIV/AIDS counselling. This service is delivered by qualified personnel and the blood tests are performed by a registered pathological laboratory. Reports are given to the client by a registered nurse and counselling is done by a registered counsellor.

TCN has a trauma support group to support relatives of people with for eg. Terminal illnesses. The group meets regularly at the TCN-house at Holihock street 568, Doornpoort, and hereby directs an invitation to any person who seeks support, to join the meetings.

It is the future vision of the organisation to minister to the community across South Africa through the release of qualified counsellors of different backgrounds so that people can leave the baggage from their past and stretch out to their purpose in their various communities and live it out to the full without the turmoil of the past.

TCN has strict guidelines for people registered with the organisation and acts as a protector for the pastoral counsellors. The organisation will in all sincerity and honesty, purposely and dutifully strive to reach its goals with devotion, to support the community with sensitivity, mercy and thoughtfulness and act justly toward all parties concerned and to be obedient, subject to the Word of God as the final authority.

TCN is an organisation that wants to stand in unity with all authorities and Christians who strive to apply Biblical standards and values. TCNs personnel, weather full time of part time or volunteers strive to act with love, joy, peace, friendliness, patience, meekness, goodness, trueness and self-control. The organisation handles everything with prayer and strive to share the truth in all aspects. All information is handled with strict confidentiality.

Turningpoint Counselling Networks main goal is to provide the following: Christian based, deep emotional healing counselling services to the community; pre-marital- and marriage counselling and workshops; cancer counselling; AIDS counselling; bereavement; sex education and all types of  trauma-counselling; and education and seminars on above mentioned topics.

Any individual and couples regardless of their background and circumstances are welcome to contact TCN for counselling, support and training. TCNs counsellors are registered with SAAP. TCN and it's full time counsellors depend on counselling fees and student fees to maintain and expand the excellence of the network.


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