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Child counselling is helpful to:

  • Children who find it difficult to acquire social skills.
  • Children who have experienced loss through family breakdown or bereavement.
  • Children who have experienced abuse.
  • Children with low self esteem, anxiety or depression.
  • Children whose behaviours are potentially life threatening.
  • Parental consent is needed before counselling begins.
  • Parents/guardians are required to stay in the building while the child is in counselling.
  • Confidentiality exists between counsellor and the child. Confidentiality will be broken when the child is feared to be at risk from themselves or others. Permission will be sought from the child to discuss any other issues with their parents/guardians. Confidentiality does not restrain the child from telling others about their counselling sessions.
  • Parents are the most important people in their child’s life so they are encouraged to be part of the counselling process.

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